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2 Revolutionary Products

The Premium

Drain & Fill Valve

When only the best will do

  • Push & Press Compatible
  • No washer breakups
  • No more washers getting stuck
  • No more jubilee clips

World’s Only 15mm Type A Drain & Fill Valve.  Fill, flush, radiators, water cylinders, thermal stores, via the HozeLock Connection. The list is endless (well not quite but you get the picture).

Comes with a neXgen Insert.

The neXgen Drain & Fill
Not just a drain off

Pack Contents:
1 x neXgen Drain & Fill Valve Body
1 x neXgen Insert
1 x End cap

The Retro

Retro Fit Drain Valve Insert

When you don’t need to replace the existing Valve Body

  • Hassle free, fit and forget
  • No rubber washers breaking up
  • No rubber washers getting stuck
  • No more long waits

Retro fit any 15mm type A valve body.

90% less raw material
than the traditional Insert.

Pack Contents:
10 x neXgen Inserts

Problem #1
The Broken/Stuck Washer

We say enough is enough!!

The Solution

Replace this

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With this

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How it works

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A seal is accomplished by it’s unique conical design, that wedges itself in the gap of the valve body – imagine a wine stopped – same principle.

Using a hybrid plastic, it has a non-stick surface that prevents minerals and debris from attaching to the insert, which in turn stops material breakdown in it’s tracks.

  • Hand tight – no need for Schwarzenegger strength.
  • No Washers.
  • No O Rings.
  • Tested to 20bar & 85°C.


See it in action

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Problem #2
The Jubilee Clip

We say enough is enough!!

The Solution

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The world's only 15mm that can...​

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Which one would you choose?

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The neXgen Drain & Fill Valve
Not Just A Drain Off

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Ideally it should be replaced when it’s used.

In the very unlikely event it gets damaged (we’ve had basic prototypes stand the test of time, the production version is about 7 times stronger) there is an PZ2 slot at the bottom of the slot.

Yes, 2 years, double our competitors guarantee.

About Us

The story

A Parking Meter, this is how the journey started.

Working as a Plumbers Mate for my Dad, parked on a cash only Parking Meter in the centre of London and a Unvented Tank to Empty.

Unscrewing the Drain Off, the rubber washer gets stuck.

Change for the meter running low I ask Steve why does this happen?, he replies ‘they always get stuck’ I reply, why hasn’t no one changed the design?

He replies, ‘just the way it is’

I reply, there has to be a better way.

so the journey begins.

Thank you’s

I would like to thank everyone who has helped me on this journey, your words of encouragement have been the driving force for me and I am truly thankful for your support.

If it wasn’t for the support and feedback from the amazing Plumbing community this project would have never got off the ground, I feel truly blessed that the amazing community welcomed me in.

Most of all I would like to thank my dad, Steve for believing in me. RIP Steve.


Pic of Steve

Technical specifications

Max Pressure 10bar (Kiwa Certified)

Max Temp 85oc (WRAS Certified)

Where to buy

We are Building are online Store and in talks with a Distributor, WE WILL GET THIS TO MARKET!!

Contact us

Contact info

neXgen Plumbing Products
49 Station Road
BN26 6EA

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